Welcome into the Alleyway

We are the Alleys and our journey takes us to many of the alleyways of the world. We go where projects of mercy, teaching and assistance are needed in the great cities of the world as well as small villages without modern amenities.

In the past year we have lectured on effective ways to prevent HIV/AIDS in Honduras, we've taken humanitarian shipments of medical supplies to Cuba, we've met with the authorities in Ho Chi Minh City to plan the implementation of a series of medical clinics outside the city that conform to Western standards of hygiene and delivery.

Another key aspect to our mission is to create networks of effectiveness in which we are able to introduce people from our spheres of influence to those on foreign fields whose work together can benefit all involved. To this end we have connected several American business professors from our former work with Vietnamese universities and have established a credible business lecture circuit there.

We also have ongoing projects in Mexico, India, Honduras, New Zealand and Australia.

We invite you to step into these alleyways with us as we report on them here on the site. We visit folk who live in many other countries and states throughout the world, many of whom have never heard another English speaker before. Words and pictures will be used to introduce you to places in the world that you will not see on your television news or travel programs. We sincerely hope you will step into some of these alleyways with us and we'll keep you posted on our travels and what we are doing around the world.

Jim and Mary Boyd Alley