St. Vincent in December 2010

Fortunately, James Jackson was at the airport to meet us as we arrived in St. Vincent and had no idea where we were staying and the address.  Immigration officials do not like that, but we did get through when they were assured we had friends in the country.
Yes, it was hot and sunny and humid....when it wasn't raining occasionally. Christmas music seems out of place even in December.
Jim taught Sunday school and preached the morning and evening service at the Community Baptist Church on Sunday in Camden Park.  We have gotten to know Sharon Jackson and their almost two-year-old Joanna.
We have walked all over Kingstown and driven over some of the island.  Since elections were scheduled the next week after we were there, there are parades and vehicles with loud speakers (really LOUD) touting the red or yellow party and their candidates all times of the day and part of the night.  Interesting.
While Jim met with the men of the church on Tuesday night about building their marriages, Mary Boyd enjoyed dinner with a German couple on holiday.  We had a good discussion about many things, including salvation.  Pray for Michael and Susan.
Wednesday night was teaching on parables.  Thursday night Mary Boyd met with the women  to speak on the ministry of the home. Other times are spent in consultation with Pastor Jackson.
After coming home, I am ready to go back to St. Vincent.......or anywhere south of Virginia. Working through our typical flight delay pattern, the Alleys arrived late at night from St. Vincent. We made our biological adjustments to experiencing a transition from 80 F. to 12 F. Two days later, there were 3 inches of snow(and still coming down). Jogging was converted to shoveling

Reflections on our St. Vincent ministry with the Community Baptist Church of Campden Park are encouraging. It is always a privilege to teach, preach and counsel anywhere our meager insights are requested. It would have been better if we could have packaged the balmy weather and transported it to Virginia. That was not to be so.......where did I put that shovel when last used in March?