Vietnam Children

Greetings from hot, dry Ho Chi Minh City. We have been delightfully busy the last three days. Wednesday we had the opportunity to see the three of the children scheduled to receive cardiac repair surgery. The first was a seven year old boy who is an orphan.  He lives in a pagoda with a monk.  The second is a two-month old girl connected to many tubes and wires. A stabilization waiting period in the hospital is usually practiced by these surgeons.We were able to meet the parents, give them a gift and hold up the little one before our heavenly father.
The other child seen is a three year old boy waiting with his mother in a ward containing six other children. (This hospital is a pediatrics only hospital). The attending cardiologist was very cordial in explaining the pathology and process to be followed. He spoke excellent English. We also had a gift for this family and brought this one before the throne of grace.
In each of these visits, we explained that it was believers from two churches in our city that joyfully gave the funds necessary to proceed with surgery for children from families not able to afford it. We wanted to be sure they did not misunderstand and think that we were the donors. We also wanted then to realize that it was a love for our God that motivated the donors. Matt.5:15