Guatemala Report

July 6 2009
Hopefully, all you who pray for us and support us will forgive my four-day tardiness in briefing you on our ministries activities the state of Zacara, Guatemala. I enjoyed a small part of a ministry under Allow The Children and the Timberlake college group. We were connecting with Esperanza de Vida, a Guatemalan ministry committed to extending the gospel and help to needy citizens ranging from the new born to the aged. The NGO ministry, located on over a thousand acres three hours north of Guatemala City is superbly equipped for short term mission groups to come along side for 1 to 4 weeks and join them in their efforts in behalf of the needy.
Our assignments involved helping to build a small house for a widow, a lame 10 year old son, and a teenager. Her husband, the father of the boys, had been murdered by his brother over a domestic dispute just one month before. Our team spent the greater part of the time in Guatemala sifting sand, carrying buckets of water & mixing mud (concrete) for the mortar, and for the fill as well as for the flooring. Two of the team also had the opportunity of laying block under supervision. These friends do not use mixer units, water hoses or other common equipment available in the USA, but they get the job done. I have not physically worked this hard all day for several days in 30 years and was wiped out at the end of each day but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
We spent one day touring several of the ministries including the home for the aged, sn orphanage, high school and a college unit built by US Christian college students. Two half days were set aside for taking responsibility for feeding villages in separate locations, and one day was involved in handing out gift packages provided by Allow The Children to the youngsters in the orphanage. We had some personal and play time with the children at this location.
A half day was given for touring Mayan archeological sites, and another half day was available for shopping. The work was hard, but the meals cooked three times a day were so great that it almost took away a sense of being on a mission. The ministry was also well-prepared with quarters for our team. Mrs. Cook and John Alley provided excellent leadership, and I was blessed to be a part of the team. (The celebration of my seventy-second birthday with a surprise chocolate cake added to my joy!)
Dr. Jim Alley